PetWalk! The Pam Burns Years

PetWalk! The Pam Burns Years, the just-published 184-page hardcover book, is an inspirational chronicle of the 27 remarkable years Pam Burns served as president and CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

During that time, she played a leading role in both increasing pet adoption and advocating for the legal rights of animals to create a more pet-friendly community in the islands she called home, and she turned the small, independent shelter into a state-of-the-industry animal welfare organization and role model for the humane movement across the globe.

Pam Burns’ animal impact well told in elegant book
I was delighted to receive a new book about Pam’s life put together by her family. Called “Pet-Walk!” after the popular fundraiser she founded for HHS, it caught her essence so well through her writings and comments of those who knew her that it was almost like chatting with her again… Read the article

David Shapiro, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, December 17, 2023

Her story is told through insightful, affectionate – and often humorous – remembrances of co-workers, friends, and family, as well as selections from Pam’s personal files, including her Society newsletter messages in which she addresses animal rights issues, promotes the virtues of the human-animal bond, and shares the joys of pet ownership.

Pam regales readers with the heartwarming account of Hokget, the dog rescued from an abandoned tanker in the middle of the Pacific; the enormous difficulty and expense of rescuing hundreds of dogs – twice – from inhumane living conditions in Oahu puppy mills; and her gratitude for the shelter veterinarians and staff, humane investigators, and scores of volunteers who enable the Humane Society to function.

What shines through the pages of PetWalk! The Pam Burns Years is a portrait of a passionate and tireless advocate for all creatures and Pam’s unwavering optimism that, with collective effort, Hawaii can be a better place for humans and animals alike.

If you didn’t know Pam Burns personally or professionally, you would wish you had after reading PetWalk! Enjoy the journey!

Cover of PetWalk, with a black and white photo of Pam Burns and her dog Klara.

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